Css Classes

headgreenbgtxt Header with green background and white text used for "profile" blocks
gradbggreen Green gradient background used for "profile" blocks, text color Grey, font-size 11px
grey16txt Grey text 16px
grey14txt Grey text 14px
grey12txt Grey text 12px
grey12txt a Grey text 12px
grey11txt Grey text 11px
white17txt White text 17px
orange16txt Orange text 16px Italic Serif font
headgreentxt Green text 15px BOLD with gray border on bottom
greentxt Green text UPPERCASE
fffbggreytxt White background with Grey text, font size 11px
a.profile Grey box rounded corners White text
a.more Orange link with arrow on left italic serif font
plus Green box rounded corners with plus sign
blueBG Blue diagonal background, White text
blueBG h3 white text 17px bottom border white
bluesidebar 13px width:133px
bluesidebar .plus positions plus sign in blue sidebar