Suggested Books

2-Hour Job Search Book Cover
Steve Dalton
The 2-Hour Job Search

Ten Speed Press, 2012.

This is the perfect book to jump-start your job search. It has an easy to follow step by step guide on prioritizing your companies, finding the right people within companies, and networking with them. A must read!

Getting Unstuck Book Cover
Timothy Butler
Getting Unstuck
Harvard Business Review Press, 2009.

Butler, a psychotherapist and director of Career Development offers some very practical approaches to breaking the career impasse; includes instructions on the 100 Jobs Exercise that Tuck alumni and current students find transformative.


Women in Business

You Don't Know and Your Boss Won't Tell You Book Cover
Pamela F. Lenehan
You Don’t Know, and Your Boss Won’t Tell You
Syren Book Company, 2011.

Advice from senior female executives on what you need to succeed has some interesting insights for on developing a personal style that projects confidence and competence

Ask For It Book Cover
Sara Laschever
Ask For It
Bantam, 2009.

Given out at the Tuck Initiative for Women conference in 2014, this book reveals just how much women lose when they avoid negotiation.  A guide to negotiating anything effectively using strategies that feel comfortable to you as a woman.


Social Impact

Common Interest Common Good Book Cover
Shirley Sagawa and Eli Segal
Common Interest Common Good
Harvard Business Press, 1999.

This book showcases many such successful partnerships, from corporate sponsorships and cause-related marketing to employee volunteer programs and school-to-work initiatives.  A staple for City Year employees.

Creating Innovators Book Cover
Tony Wagner
Creating Innovators
Scribner, 2012.

Author, and founder of Harvard’s Change Leadership Group looks at why innovation is today’s most essential real-world skill and what young people need from parents, teachers, and employers to become the innovators of America’s future.


Executive Recruiters

Rites of Passage Book Cover
J. Lucht
Rites of Passage at $100,000 to $1 Million+
Greenleaf Book Group, 2011.

John Lucht has been an executive recruiter for the past three decades. And when it comes to advice on the ins and outs of job searching, there is none better. He goes into excruciating detail on how to engage with executive recruiters and the different types out there.



Digital Marketer Book Cover
Larry Weber and Lisa Leslie Henderson
The Digital Marketer
Wiley, 2014.

Ten New Skills You Must Learn to Stay Relevant and Customer-Centric: digital marketing guru Larry Weber and T’92 Lisa Leslie Henderson explain the latest digital tools and trends used in today's marketing initiatives.