Returning to Work


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Après is a digital recruiting platform that connects highly-educated and accomplished women looking to return to the workforce with companies seeking the talent and diversity this demographic brings. Après offers members the tools they need to successfully navigate their reentry into the workforce, including original content, online tutorials and vetted career coaches. Most importantly, Après features a curated job market with a variety of job types across a range of sectors.

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Are you thinking of returning to the workforce after taking a career break for childcare, eldercare or another reason? iRelaunch is the industry leader in the career reentry space, offering the most innovative resources, products and services for professionals seeking to return to work after a hiatus. Visit and let us help you return to work!

Path Forward

Path Forward is a nonprofit organization on a mission to help women and men restart their careers after taking time off for caregiving.

Path Forward works with partner companies to create midcareer internships that offer women and men a jump start back to the paid workforce after taking time off for caregiving. Since launching in 2016,they’ve partnered with more than 20 companies around the country including PayPal, GoDaddy and more, with 80% of program participants having secured permanent positions through our program.


The Second Shift is a marketplace where companies who embrace the evolving nature of work find talent to support their staff and strategy needs.Our platform connects businesses with a vetted network of expert talent to meet specific challenges

The Second Shift has curated a broad membership of experts in Marketing and Finance prepared to meet your business challenges:

  • Complete short term or specialized projects
  • Provide relief by filling in for staff on leave (e.g. parental leave)
  • Flexibly and economically scaling staff to meet increased demand or workload
  • Gaining a fresh, expert perspective on a business challenge


About On-Ramps

We’re a search and consulting firm, but we probably seem a little different than other firms you’ve encountered. Not only are we passionate about talent, but we also care deeply about social change. Our focus on mission-driven organizations and our team members’ breadth of experience in the field give us valuable insight into our clients’ needs, an extensive network of candidates and deep expertise in all things talent strategy. We offer our search clients a rigorous candidate selection process, a passion for putting the right people in the right positions, and a track record of successful placements that reflects our hard work and high standards. We also offer our clients customized solutions to build, design and implement best-in-class talent practices.