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What are Clubs and Discussion Groups? Clubs and Discussion Groups are online gathering places for Tuck alumni who share common interests.  These can include Regional Tuck Clubs, Industry and/or Topical Discussion Groups, or lifestyle interests (yoga, skiing, etc). 

What can I do in a Club or Discussion Group?
In Clubs and Discussion Groups, you can:
  • Create online discussions with alumni who share your interests
  • Share links to interesting websites and documents
  • Add photos
Am I already in any Clubs and Discussion Groups?
If a Tuck Regional Club exists in your area and is active, you've automatically been added to the Tuck Club group nearest your home address. You can also join other regional groups of interest by clicking here and updating your Additional Club fields.

I have a great idea for a group.  How do I go about creating one?
  1. Search existing groups to make sure we do not already have something set up that matches your organization or interest. Just as a reminder, Clubs and Discussion Groups can be created for professional, social, and/or recreational interests and organizations.
  2. If no group already exists, you can create a new group by clicking the Create a New Group button below, which will take you to the Create a Group page.  **All newly created groups require someone (a Tuck alum) to act as moderator/administrator. **
  3. Please fill out all information clearly and accurately.
  4. To add members, use the "Invite Friends" link.
  5. As the Group moderator/administrator, you will be responsible for content posted in discussion boards, event calendar, and photo albums for the group. Group administrators can email group members and create group-specific events. Tuck Alumni Services reserves the right to moderate content.

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