Tuck Evergreen Society

The Tuck Evergreen Society, est. 2017, honors Tuck’s most loyal donors: alumni and friends who have made a gift to Tuck Annual Giving (TAG) for three or more consecutive fiscal years, including the current fiscal year, or are sustaining donors to TAG. Through the Tuck Evergreen Society, we celebrate the incomparably generous and engaged alumni network that is truly unique to Tuck.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is Tuck Evergreen?
    Members of the Tuck Evergreen Society are the heart of TAG. Donors are recognized as members of the Tuck Evergreen Society when they have contributed to TAG for 3 or more consecutive fiscal years (July 1-June 30), including at least one gift to TAG in the current fiscal year, or have made a sustaining gift commitment to TAG.

  • What is a sustaining gift?
    A sustaining gift is made for this fiscal year and for fiscal years to come. A donor of a sustaining gift will be charged for the sustaining gift each fiscal year on a monthly, quarterly or annual schedule based on the donor’s preference.

  • What types of gifts yield membership in Tuck Evergreen?
    Tuck greatly appreciates all gifts to the school, both restricted and unrestricted. However, only gifts to TAG will affect your Tuck Evergreen status.

  • What about pledges?
    While making a pledge does not count toward Tuck Evergreen status, your pledge payment does count.

  • Do I have to track my gifts?
    No! After three consecutive fiscal years of making gifts to TAG, you will automatically qualify as a member of Tuck Evergreen. Please contact your TAG class manager if you have any questions about your status or believe there is an error on our Honor Roll.

  • Am I in the Tuck Evergreen Society?
    To see if you are included in the Tuck Evergreen Society, please look for your name on the online Honor Roll.

  • What if I miss a year?
    If you miss a consecutive fiscal year of giving, your Tuck Evergreen status will lapse. You may regain inclusion in the Tuck Evergreen Society by making a sustaining gift to TAG, or once you have made a gift to TAG for three consecutive years.

  • Why does consistent annual giving matter?
    The generosity of alumni and friends of Tuck is absolutely critical to Tuck’s mission of educating tomorrow’s wise leaders. TAG’s unrestricted funds benefit every aspect of the Tuck experience, adding up to millions each year for financial aid, academic programming and support of operations.

  • Whom can I contact with questions?
    Contact tuck.annual.giving@tuck.dartmouth.edu