Learn more about Alumni Career Services

Career Coaching and Resource Education for Alumni

Tuck offers unlimited, complimentary career coaching sessions to our alumni seeking career transition guidance. These sessions can include self-assessments, networking techniques, LinkedIn overviews, job search strategies, resume reviews, interview preparation, and negotiation support.

Career Events and Programming

The Career Development Office (CDO) coordinates events around the world designed specifically for Tuck alumni. Past events have included:

Search Firm Panel
Networking Strategies and Tactics Panel
Women Re-entering the Workforce Panel & Workshop
Strategic Business Networking Presentation
1:1 In-Person Coaching Sessions in various cities
1:1 in-Person Coaching Sessions at Tuck Reunion

The CDO also hosts 5-10 webinars throughout the year to help alumni stay connected. Reference the alumni events calendar and stay tuned to the monthly alumni newsletter for upcoming opportunities in your area and online.

Resource Management and Improvement

The CDO has partnerships with Vault, GoinGlobal, Apres, and several other online resources that provide job notification boards and career guides. We consistently update our website to provide Tuck alumni with the most current resources and support they need at any stage along their unique career paths.

Connect with Us

Be sure to stay tuned with alumni career development news and upcoming events from the CDO by:

  • Reading the Career Focus column in the monthly newsletter from Alumni Relations.
  • Becoming a member of the Tuck Alumni LinkedIn network for additional career support and updates from Alumni Career Services.
  • Learning about area-specific event invitations and networking opportunities emailed by Alumni Relations. Update your preferred email address.

How To Use Tuck’s Alumni Career Services

Learn how to take advantage of the special resources and programming that the Career Development Office offers Tuck alumni.